Xerox GBC Fusion Punch II

Xerox GBC II Fusion Punch

Xerox GBC II Fusion Punch od společnosti Xerox zastoupené Xcopy je . Prodává se pod originálním označením GBC Fusion Punch II a další info naleznete na stránkách

Xerox GBC Fusion Punch II, Xerox

Xerox GBC II Fusion Punch

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Finishing Solutions Planning Guide - 13.07.2005 C.P. Bourg Document Finisher (BDFx) with optional Cover Feeder, Square Edge Module and Sheet Rotator. This guide will provide the Analyst and the coordinating Customer with common BDFx specifications and specific pre-installation tasks for the Xerox printer (DocuTech 61xx, DocuTech 1xx HighLight Color (HLC), DocuPrint 1xx, Xerox iGen3 Digital Production Press and Nuvera 100 / 120 Digital Production System) to which the BDFx is to be installed with. PDF Stáhnout
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