Xerox DocuColor Office 6

Xerox DocuColor Office 6

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Xerox DocuColor Office 6, Xerox

Xerox DocuColor Office 6

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Název Verze Datum Popis Formát Operační systém Stáhnout
The DocuColor Office 6 Stuck in Rebooting Loop After Receiving NCP 97 Reply Packet 1.1 03.11.2004 The DocuColor Office 6 Will get Stuck in a Rebooting Loop After Receiving Novell Connecting Points (NCP) 97 Reply Packet From Novell Server With the Signature Requested Bit set to 1. The patch will allow the Fiery Server to connect to Novell servers with the packet signature level set to 2. ZIP Windows XP Stáhnout
DocuColor Office 6 NDS Lockup Patch 1.1 22.10.1998 DocuColor Office 6 Locks up When an NDS Tree Which has one Container Which Contains Over 256 Print Server. This patch increases the number of print servers allowed in any one container of an NDS tree. ZIP Windows XP Stáhnout

Recommended Media List

Název Verze Datum Popis Formát Stáhnout
Recommended Materials Guide for DocuColor 5750/ Office 6 - 27.09.2002 PDF Stáhnout
Recommended Materials List - 20.07.2000 DocuColor 5750 and DocuColor Office 6 Recommended Materials List PDF Stáhnout

Release Documents

Název Verze Datum Popis Formát Stáhnout
Customer_Release_Notes_v1 - 20.07.2000 DocuColor Office 6 Customer Release Notes - version 1 PDF Stáhnout
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