Xerox 800/1000 Digital Color Press with Xerox CX Print Server (800DCP)

Xerox 800/1000 Digital Color Press with Xerox CX Print Server (800DCP)

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Benefits - Color 800/1000 Presses
  • Delivers vibrant image quality at 2400 x 2400 dpi for excellent sharpness and uniformity
  • Outstanding midtones, crisp text, pure neutrals, detailed shadows, bright highlights and excellent photo rendering are perfect for producing today's hot specialty photo applications
  • Optional fifth print station for Clear Dry Ink expands creative capabilities and impact of prints with the addition of clear effects (spot and addressable), helping capture more high-value applications
  • Broad media latitude accommodates stocks from lightweight 55 gsm to 350 gsm (15 lb. bond to 130 lb. cover) at full-rated speeds of 80 to 100 ppm — so users can print anything from lightweight mailers that save on postage to thick, heavyweight photo keepsake applications. With sheet sizes up to 13" x 19.2", the presses can handle multi-up jobs and accommodate applications needing full-bleed trim.
  • Low-melt EA Dry Ink requires no fuser oil to deliver a smooth, offset-like finish at high speeds
  • Flexible finishing options allow systems to be custom-built to specific volume and application needs that expand as your business grows
  • Innovative design — offers two 2,000-sheet trays positioned below the print engine, providing a smaller footprint compared to other systems. An optional Oversized High Capacity Feeder with two additional trays can increase capacity up to 8,000 sheets for longer unattended run time.
  • Advanced imaging technology with new long-life photo receptors, auto-cleaning dual wire corotrons, new belt fusing, and in-line cooling module deliver high impact prints with maximum reliability
  • Xerox Productivity Plus service lets trained operators perform routine maintenance to maximize press time. Diagnostics software alerts users when a scheduled routine is approaching, and provides step-by-step replacement procedures.
Features - Color 800/1000 Presses
  • Optional fifth dry ink station for Clear Dry Ink amplifies full-color jobs; allowing for images and text to be highlighted for visual impact, or digital watermarks applied for artistic effect or security at full rated speed
  • Sheet sizes range from 7.2" x 7.2" (182 mm x 182 mm) up to 13" x 19.2" (330 mm x 488 mm) and weights from 55 gsm to 350 gsm (15 lb. bond to 130 lb. cover), coated and uncoated
  • Runs all media weights and sizes at rated speeds of 80 or 100 ppm
  • Unique integrated design, with Standard Paper Trays engineered to be conveniently located within the print engine, reduces overall footprint
  • High Resolution Imaging with state-of-the-art VCSEL technology provides outstanding 2400 x 2400 dpi resolution and digital halftone screens
  • Center Registered Paper alignment features precise +/- 0.5 mm front to back registration; electronic controls and sensors automatically adjust for paper size
  • Silicon coated Teflon Fuser Belt more efficiently fuses a dynamic range of stocks at rated speed
  • Single Pass Decurler delivers optimal sheet flatness
  • Xerox Productivity Plus (XPP) gives you the ability to perform routine maintenance tasks on your schedule, optimizing available press time
  • Choice of three high-performance color servers to best accommodate different workflows for different print environments
Key Applications - Color 800/1000 Presses

Technická specifikace

Color 800/1000 Presses

Rated speedColor 800 Press: 80 ppm
Color 1000 Press: 100 ppmResolution2400 x 2400 dpi VCSEL ROSRecommended average monthly volumeColor 800 Press: 100,000 - 350,000 pages per month
Color 1000 Press: 150,000 - 400,000 pages per monthDuty cycleColor 800 Press: Up to 1,500,000 pages per month
Color 1000 Press: Up to 1,750,000 pages per monthThroughputColor 800 Press: 80 ppm (all weights)
Color 1000 Press: 100 ppm (all weights)Line Screens
  • 150 Clustered Dot
  • 200 Clustered Dot
  • 300 Clustered Dot
  • 600 Clustered Dot
  • 200 Rotated Line Screen
  • CapabilitiesStandard CapabilitiesProduction color printingPrinted SidesDuplexMICRNoTechnologyUser InterfacePC Graphical User InterfaceDevice Technology
  • Customizable Electronic Aligner Adjustments (profiles)
  • Custom paper setup
  • Dual wire corotrons with auto cleaning technology
  • Advanced in-line cooling module
  • Advanced Single Pass De-curler (belt and roll technology/optimal sheet flatness)
  • Seamless Intermediate Belt Transfer (IBT) with retractable Bias Transfer Rollers
  • Long-life photo receptors
  • Advanced center registration technology for tight front-to-back registration of +/- 0.5 mm
  • Integrated Design for Customer Care (Xerox Productivity Plus – Basic )
  • Color TechnologyXerox EA Low Melt Dry Ink
  • CYMK Plus Clear Dry Ink Imaging (rated speed)
  • Imaging System with VCSEL Technology
  • Fusing TechnologyAdvanced silicon coated Teflon belt fuser technologyPaper HandlingStandard paper capacityStandard Paper Trays: Two (2) paper trays at 2,000 sheets each/4,000 sheetsMaximum paper capacity with optionsOptional High Capacity Feeder: Two (2) paper trays at 2,000 sheets each/4,000 sheets
  • Max. paper capacity with option = 8,000 sheets/ Four (4) pick points
  • Media Dimensions - Minimum7.2” x 7.2” (182 mm x 182 mm)
  • Optional tray inserter kit (Oversized High Capacity Feeder only) supports 4” x 6” (102 mm x 152 mm)
  • Media Dimensions - Maximum13” x 19.2” (330 mm x 488 mm)Media Weight - MinimumMedia Weight – Minimum 15 lb. Bond/55 gsmMedia Weight - Maximum130 lb. Cover/350 gsmMedia TypesCoated and uncoated papers, bright papers, DocuCard, labels, business cards, glossy brochures, window decals, durable/synthetic papers, greeting cards, tabs, embossed, polyesters and custom solutions.
  • Mixed stocks supported
  • InputHigh Capacity FeederAutomatic Tray Switching/Reload While Run CapabilityOptional High Capacity FeederAutomatic Tray Switching/Reload While Run CapabilityOutputCatch Tray500 sheet capacityStacker3,000 sheetsHigh Capacity Stacker
  • 500 sheet top tray up to 13” x 19.2” (330 mm x 488 mm)
  • 5,000 sheet offset stacking: 7.2” x 8.3” up to 12” x 19.2” (B5 LEF to SRA3)
  • 55 – 350 gsm (15 lb. Bond to 130 lb. Cover) coated/uncoated
  • Available in Single or Dual combinations with unload while run capability
  • Includes one(1) removable cart for offline finishing/additional carts available
  • FinishingFinisherStandard Finisher (Optional):
    • 55 – 300 gsm coated/uncoated
    • Stacker capacity of 3,000 sheets (20 lb/80 gsm); top tray 500 sheets (20 lb./80 gsm)
    • Multi-position single or dual 100 sheet variable length stapling (coated and uncoated)
    • 2 and 3 hole punch North America; 2 and 4 hole punch Europe and South America; 4 hole Swedish punch
    • 200 sheet interposer for pre-printed and full bleed sheets
    Standard Finisher Plus (optional):
    • Same features as Standard Finisher with up to 2,000 sheet stack capacity along with integrated DFA architecture required to enable a variety of third party in-line finishing options.
    Booklet MakingBooklet Maker Finisher (optional):
    • Includes features of the Standard Finisher with a 2,000 sheet stacker tray plus:
    • Automatically creates booklets of up to 25 sheets (100 imaged sides with saddle stitching) from 13” x 18”, 12” x 18”/SRA3, 11” x17”/A3, 8.5” x 14”/B4 or 8.5” x 11”/A4
    • SquareFold, Trimmer and Cover Feeder (optional -- available with Standard Finisher Plus configurations only)
    Plockmatic Pro 30 Booklet Maker (optional – available with Standard Finisher Plus configurations only)
    • Saddle stitch and fold from 2 sheets to 30 sheets producing up to a 120-page (20 lb. Bond/80 gsm)
    • SquareFold, Trimmer and Cover Feeder available
    FolderC-Z Folder:
  • C-fold and Z-fold 8.5” x 11”/A4
  • Print on inside or outside of folded paper
  • Folds 11” x 17”/A3 Z-fold for insertion into letter/A4 document sets (Engineering Z-fold)
  • Available with Standard Finisher, Booklet Maker Finisher and Standard Finisher Plus
  • Hole PunchGBC AdvancedPunch (optional)
  • Paper supported: 8.5” x 11” (A4) LEF (11”/297 mm side only)
  • 20 lb. Bond to 80 lb. Cover (75 gsm – 216 gsm)
  • Several customer replaceable Die Sets available
  • Lay FlatsGBC eBinder 200 (optional - available with Standard Finisher Plus configurations only)
  • Stack, punch and bind lay flat (8.5” x 11”/A4) booklets from 5 to 100 sheets
  • Self-adjusting bind elements (on-size-fits-all) available in black, navy blue, white and frost/clear
  • Pass through capability permits chaining with other finishing alternatives (available with Standard Finisher Plus configurations only)
  • SquareFold TrimmerXerox SquareFold Trimmer Module
  • Square fold up to 25 sheets (100 pages)
  • Face trim between 2 – 20 mm in 0.1 mm increments
  • 64 gsm – 300 gsm (uncoated); 106 gsm to 300 gsm (coated)
  • Accepts paper sizes 8.5” x 11” SEF (216 mm x 270 mm) minimum; 13” x 18” (330 mm x 457 mm) maximum
  • Available with Booklet Maker Finisher only
  • StackerYesStaplerYesPrint ControllersDigital Front Ends
  • Xerox FreeFlow Print Server
  • Xerox EX Print Server, Powered by Fiery
  • Xerox CX Print Server, Power by Creo Print Server Technology
  • EnvironmentalDimensionsBase Printing System (without RIP and/or feeding/finishing devices)
  • 100” (W) x 44” (L) x 56” (H)
  • 2,540 mm(W) x 1,105 mm(L) x 1,413 mm (H)
  • Weight: 2,200 lb. (1,000 kg)
  • Electrical RequirementsBase Configuration 200 – 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 50A (sole use)/single phase/Hubbell C8264
    Additional electrical required for print server, feeding/finishing devices):
  • 115 VAC 15 Amp for 60Hz or 220 VAC 10 Amp for 50 Hz (Western Hemisphere)
  • 200 – 240 Volts, 10 Amp 50 Hz (Europe)
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    CX 1000 US-Letter Driver for the Xerox Color 1000 Press v1.3 28.03.2011 CX 1000 US-Letter Driver for the Xerox Color 1000 Press ZIP Windows 7 Stáhnout
    CX 1000 v1.3 Europe-A4 Driver for the Xerox Color 1000 Press 1.3 28.03.2011 CX 1000 v1.3 Europe-A4 Driver for the Xerox Color 1000 Press ZIP Windows 7 Stáhnout

    System Administration Guides

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    Xerox Color 800/1000 Press - System Administrator Guide - 01.05.2010 PDF Stáhnout

    User Guides

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    Xerox Color 800/1000 Press - User Guide - 01.05.2010 PDF Stáhnout
    Xerox Color 800/1000 Press Safety Guide - 01.04.2010 PDF Stáhnout
    Xerox CX Print Server User Guide - 03.03.2010 Version 1.0 PDF Stáhnout


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